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Category Archives: Oil Change & Vehicle Maintenance

Explained: Differential Fluid & Maintenance

Differential System The differential is designed to drive a pair of wheels with equal force, while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. Another important function of the differential is to allow the drive wheels to spin at different rates as you round a corner. The inside wheel spins slower than the outside wheel as…
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Importance of Engine Flush – Oil System Service

Oil System Service System Info With extended oil change intervals, tighter tolerance of modern engine design, and today’s severe driving conditions being the “norm”, many vehicles are at risk of sludge formation. The accumulation of sludge leads to reduced fuel economy, horsepower, and even engine failure. Engine replacement may exceed $5,000 in total costs. This…
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Fuel System Service

  When accelerator is pressed, the throttle valve opens and air begins to enter through the air cleaner. Then fuel flows from the tank through the filter to the fuel injector. The fuel injector mixes fuel and air in the combustion chamber Deposits can form on a number of critical fuel system elements including fuel…
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