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Importance of Engine Flush – Oil System Service

Oil System Service

Oil System Engine Flush

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With extended oil change intervals, tighter tolerance of modern engine design, and today’s severe driving conditions being the “norm”, many vehicles are at risk of sludge formation. The accumulation of sludge leads to reduced fuel economy, horsepower, and even engine failure. Engine replacement may exceed $5,000 in total costs. This is where an oil system cleaning can save money.

What Oil Does
1. Oil is pumped through the engine to moving parts like pistons, bearings and valve train.
2. Oil lubricates moving parts, reducing friction so that they can move freely and do their jobs.
3. Oil helps to lower the temperature of the car, friction between parts is lower, and thus less heat is produced.
4. Oil carries contaminants such as carbon from the engine.
5. Dirty oil, containing contaminants, is filtered through the oil filter, which traps the larger contaminates and cleanses the oil.
6. The filtered oil is again used to remove contaminants and the cycle is repeated.

Oil plays a major role in keeping the engine lubricated to ensure that all parts are able to move properly. Over time, an engine can acquire build-up that restricts the flow of oil. When oil is unable to get to all of the engine parts, it results in poor engine performance. Performing an oil system service will remove the build up, clean the engine and replace the engine with new oil.

1. Oil Vapor and combustion gases that develop inside the engine need to be purged otherwise sludge deposits is formed. These deposits can cause the engine breathing system to be compromised causing more sludge deposits to form.
2. Oil getting too hot can bake the oil causing sludge. Oil getting too old can cause acid as well as sludge.
3. Driving conditions such as “stop and go” can aid in sludge build up.

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