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Fuel System Service


Fuel System ServiceWhen accelerator is pressed, the throttle valve opens and air begins to enter through the air cleaner. Then fuel flows from the tank through the filter to the fuel injector. The fuel injector mixes fuel and air in the combustion chamber

Deposits can form on a number of critical fuel system elements including fuel injectors, intake ports, intake valves, combustion chambers, throttle body, and the intake manifold.


Common symptoms of deposits in the fuel system include:

• Rough idling
• Reduced fuel economy
• Hesitation when pressing the gas pedal
• Engine knocking, pinging, or run-on
• Loss of performance
• Cold start problems

Regular fuel system services:

• Clean deposits from fuel injectors
• Remove deposit build-up from intake valves
• Clean hard to remove combustion chamber deposits
• Decrease harmful emissions
• Increase fuel economy

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