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Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Service

transmission service

Transmission changes gears to allow engine to maintain safe RPMs.

The automatic transmission takes care of these gear changes without the driver's involvement. It uses complex hydraulic and mechanical controls that sense vehicle speed and throttle pedal position.

The Automatic Transmission adjusts the gears to keep the engine running at the appropriate RPM. All you have to do is put the vehicle in drive and press the accelerator. Transmission fluid is the lubricant for all gears inside the transmission.

Gearshift is a mechanism for changing from one gear to another
Gears are toothed machined parts that mesh with each other to transmit motion
Hydraulic System route the fluid to all components in the transmission
Pump spins and pushes the fluid to the outside of the torque converter
Transmission Input Shaft that shaft to which torque is applied
Torque Converter allows the engine and transmission to run independently
Flywheel minimizes variations in angular velocity
Engine Crankshaft is the main drive shaft that receives energy from pistons and converts it to rotary motion

Higher temperature operation causes transmission fluid to break down.
Gears mesh together during regular operations of a transmission, metal shavings are left inside the transmission and mix with the fluid.
Too much debris inside the transmission can cause the transmission to fail.

During normal operation the transmissions meshing gears create metal shavings and high heat, which create debris and deposits. If these contaminants build up for too long, the fluid becomes overloaded and the transmission can fail. New transmissions can be very expensive.  By removing the old contaminated fluid, then replacing it with new fluid ensures increased protection against wear and high temperature break down.

Manufacturer recommended intervals for automatic transmission fluids vary depending on the vehicle. As your service technician for the interval recommended for your vehicle to ensure you are maintaining your transmission as the manufacturer recommends.

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