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One Thing That Should Be In Every Vehicle

Battery Jumper Cables


There are a number of things that every vehicle owner should keep in their vehicle at all times.  One of the things at the top of this list is a set of Battery Jumper Cables.  Battery jumper cables are used to "jump start" a vehicle when the battery has died or has drained its power so low that it can no longer start the motor.

Using battery jumper cables can be intimidating, but in reality, it is very simple.

There are two wires, or cables, connected to eachother.  At the end of each cable, there is what is called an alligator clip.  This is a spring loaded clip that allows it to be connected to the battery terminal.  You connect a vehicles battery that has a good battery to the battery of the vehicle that wont start.  Then start the good battery vehicle first, then the vehicle with the bad battery.


1.  Park the two cars close together.  Head to head works best.

2.  Stretch out the cable so that you can ensure there is enough length to reach the battery of each vehicle.

3.  Use your hands to squeeze the cable clamps to open them up.battery jumper cable clamp

4.  Place the clamp on the battery

The red clamp goes on the Positive Terminal of the battery. You will see a + sign on the battery near the terminal to tell you which one is the positive post. The black clamp goes on the Negative Terminal of the battery. You will see a - on the battery near the terminal to tell you which one is the negative postbatter jumper cable connected

5.  Once you have both vehicles batteries connected to the jumper cables, look once again to ensure you have them connected correctly (positive to positive and negative to negative)

6.  Once you have double checked they are corrected properly, start the vehicle with the good battery.  Then start the vehicle with the bad battery.

7.  Once the vehicle with the bad battery has started, wait a few seconds.

8.  Remove the jumper cables one vehicle at a time, making sure not to touch the cables together while removing them.

9.  Drive the vehicle to the closest service station that carries batteries.  Make sure not to turn the vehicle off again as it may not start again.

As always, make sure to take precaution when dealing with electricity as it can be very dangerous.  Follow the above steps at your own risk.  Kwikkartx.com and its affiliated shops are not liable for anything that happens as a result of instructions or recommendations from this webpage or website.

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